This should have been posted a while ago.

I went on vacation to visit my sister in British Columbia. What a sight to see!

This was the only panoramic photo I took but I could have taken hundreds with the scenery that is offered. I was more there to relax and enjoy what British Columbia had to offer as far as sight seeing, and of course seeing my sister. I did take a few shots here and there that were photographically

inclined. If you ever have a chance to visit British Columbia do it!  The second photo is of my mom and sister. I would have to say this area would have been my favourite place to see if it was not so blah outside. Even with the lack of sunshine and very high water level this was a really nice sight to see. I will cut this short, but overall my experience for my first time to BC was incredible. I will definitely go back some day and take more photos!

Here are a few more shots *click photos to enlarge*.






WFCU Internship

I am fortunate enough to live by the WFCU center here in Windsor, On. I decided to contact someone at the arena in regards to doing some photography and I was responded to by Global Spectrum. This is a company that bring events into the WFCU center.I got a house photographer internship and it has been a blast thus far.

On April 27th, 2011 Sears Stars On Ice came to the WFCU. This was my first gig and it was a great show! Sears Stars On Ice included the following skaters : Kurt Browning, Sasha Cohen, Virtue & Moir, Salé & Pelletier, Evan Lysacek, Joannie Rochette and a number of other very talented and world famous skaters.

More event photos to come! I will only be uploading 3 – 5 photos from each event, the rest can be found on the WFCU center facebook page!


-Pawel Wnek

New Page

Currently this blog is still under construction, but we thought we would get the ball rolling with a new page called “Before | After”.

This page is going to be for any edits we want to show that we have done. We start with an original image and then create and edited version and piece them together for your viewing.

“Before | After” can be accessed at the top in the tabs above our logo.



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